Thursday, October 13, 2005

warm and tropical

I feel a little bad for not posting to my blog more regularly since the move. But I'm just enjoying the new routine and new space. I have a long list of things to do before I consider myself fully situated, and I'm taking it a little at a time.

There are a lot of things still rattling around in my head seeking an exit, though. I had a new experience yesterday when I was asked to fill in as a receptionist for an hour. I felt panic to the point that my body went cold. It turned out to be quiet and uneventful, but it was a constant opportunity for high-profile screw-ups. I probably won't be able to relate the specific details about it without blowing my already flimsy cover, but I wanted to ponder more on the idea of the professional comfort zone. Especially in the guise of a person who is generally unpaid and apparently little qualified to do what most people consider "professional" work.

There's still a lot I'm thinking about with regard to sexuality as this date looms. In fact, it may be even closer as G has asked me to drinks this coming Saturday night. I haven't given a solid answer one way or the other but I'm considering it. I recently jested with someone online that while they say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach, the way to my p*ssy is through my mind. D and I debate the levels of happiness issue once in a while. I have high demands sexually, intellectually, and emotionally. It's hard to decide which to satisfy first, and whether I will want to or be able to let the others slide. I dream of finding someone one day who will be my perfect match in all three areas. Anyway, that's always in my head, like a song playing in the background.

I have a few thoughts on my state of relaxation since removing myself from daily contact with X2B. In a way, I feel like I'm on vacation. Except I don't have to go home.

Ah, vacation. I would like to take one soon. Somewhere warm and tropical, with a man who knows how to treat a woman delightfully, to include good food, good drinks, good fun, and most of all, deliciously devilishly good sex. But I just don't see it on the horizon with work gearing up and the man supply woefully short. As long as I don't have to hear about anyone else getting what I want in that department, I can deal. I'll simply wait until my next scheduled business trip, to southern California at the end of January, and keep my mind open to street blowjobs adventures I may encounter while there.

X2B will take the Boy Child Thursday and Saturday, so maybe I'll have time to type out some thoughts while I'm truly alone.